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You only get one spine, and we'll help you take care of it! Through our Spinal Care program, Dr. K teaches you how to improve & maintain the health of your spine for a lifetime. We have a Spinal Hygiene kit that includes all of the tools & daily spinal hygiene exercises you'll need. Our Lincoln NE chiropractor will walk through each exercise, show you exactly how you'll benefit from it & help you stay accountable. It's easy to incorporate into your daily routine & has already helped a lot of people!

Help Build & Maintain Your Health In Lincoln NE

Spinal hygiene procedures will help you build and maintain the health of your spine by assisting in three different areas. The three areas of spinal health we address are 1) Spinal Alignment, 2) Spinal Range of Motion, and 3) Spinal Strength and flexibility. These procedures work best when used to maintain the health of the spine rather than restore the health of the spine.

Spinal Hygiene Kit Includes:

  • Resistance Band
  • Exercise Disc
  • 2 Spinal Molding Rolls
  • Travel Bag
  • Exercise Guide
  • Spinal Care Book

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